CB Charters

LOBSTER TOURS in Gloucester, Cape Ann, North Shore

Lobstering is hard work, but if you do it for a day, it can be a lot of fun. And next time you have a lobster meal with your friends, you can let them know you not only know how lobstering works, but you’ve done it yourself.

On our lobster tours you and your friends and family get to do everything, including

    • Identify a trawl and snare a buoy. Every string of traps has a buoy on each end (unless they’ve been come loose or been cut by another boat’s prop). We’ll show you how to identify a Connemara Bay buoy and snare its lines so we can winch up the trawl.
    • Work the traps and band the bugs. While the hydraulic system does the heavy lifting, the traps still need to be swung on board, the lobsters sized (too small and the go back), the traps cleaned, and a new bait bag set. For the bugs — what we call lobsters — that are big enough, you can try your hand at banding them so that their crusher claws aren’t free to hurt people or other bugs.
    • Help toss the traps back in and then pull the next trawl. It’s always fun to shove a trap back in and watch it sink out of sight, but there’s usually another set to pull on this lobster tour.